Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Windows

Today we got 16 new windows in our house. They were much needed and look great! But this meant that we had to pull everything from around our windows...hence my sewing room was completely rearranged, even the garage was cleaned out, as well as the kitchen. I guess this is our way of spring cleaning.

The minute the guys were done with the windows I quickly put my sewing room back in place. Tomorrow I am taking a class and I need to cut out my pattern tonight. I love it when a pattern comes with individual sizes and I don't have to trace and cut out the pattern before I cut the material.

I did go out and mow the lawn with my refurbished lawn mower. I love to mow. I now feel like I have accomplished something while sweating off some pounds. Don't all fitness conscious people want to be outside smelling the fresh smell of new cut grass!

Amelia (6), my dear friend Jane's granddaughter, came to visit me yesterday and we swam for about two hours. We had a great time! Well today my back is a bit tender from a sunburn...that tingly feel, almost a fresh sensation.  ( I met Jane back in 1974 when my oldest was 6 mos. old and her oldest was 18 mos. We remained friends through the years and now we both live in Charleston. We only wish we saw more of each other but lunch once a month is always a treat with phone calls thrown in.)

One week from today we head to Maine...I can hardly wait. I just wish all my kids could be there. Maybe next year! 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Later July 19th

I did it!! I finished a couple jammie bottoms for Wm and also completed a shirt outfit for Eleanor (top and shorts). I know many will find this hard to believe but Eleanor informed me on her last visit that she does wear pants now and her wardrobe also extends to colors besides pink. Now she did say her favorite colors are blue and orange now.  (Aunt Sallie informed me that is because Eleanor's Dad has brainwashed her since those are UVA's colors.) I am just glad to be using other colors now...I am liberated!!

July 19

Here we are this Monday morning. I have decided to cut back on our energy bill by turning down the airconditioning today in most of our rooms. I am sure the guys will complain when they come home but maybe our electric bill will come down. Of course since I am at that "special" age with hot flashes every other minute I will probably be the one to suffer...go figure!
We are headed to Maine next Wed. so time is fleeting. I am supposed to be getting new windows anyday now and next week...a new kitchen. Lots going on but right now we are just in that waiting game. We will probably go to Maine and come home to a new kitchen...sounds nice.
I am trying to decide which things I am taking with me to sew up and complete. I am getting psyched to start quilting. I went to a quilt guild meeting and now have been bitten by the quilt bug.
Today I will finish Wm's jammies and a shirt for Eleanor. I have a dress I have to make for Ginger and a dress for Clara for the wedding. Lots to do and "sew" little time. I will report in at the end of the day to tell you if I accomplished what I set out to do today. Love to all, Daisy

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7, 2010

Today was a sewing day. I decided to finish an heirloom quilt I started a year ago. I thought I had made 8 of 12 blocks but I had only made six. So today I did two more blocks. Both of these used lace shaping which is always fun. First there was a diamond shape and then a heart shape. Behind the shapes you add an extra piece of material with tucks on one and  double needle pintucks on the other. I am now down to four squares. I am on a roll. I need to put an initial in the middle of the quilt...I guess it will be an "N" for Nold. Or perhaps I should put a design that is not committal. This a solid white quilt with cream accents. It is my first quilt ever.

It was also a Costco day. They have the best meats and fruits. We came home with berries of all sorts and lots of things for some interesting meals. Yes, I do cook! And Eleanor is making me cook healthy. Tonight we had chicken and broccoli. Yum!!

Bill (my husband), Jimmy (my youngest), and I are watching our favorite movie..."What about Bob!".

Goodnight all!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June 2010

June was quite a month! We kept my son's 3 children while he and his wife took a cruise out of Charleston. The kids are 7,5, and 8 mos. We were worried about the pool but the kids were great. They went swimming at least twice a day and became very good at jumping off the diving board. Going from the pool to the hot tub was also fun but it was so hot we only did that once. Even the baby went in the pool and didn't even flinch when she was splashed with water.
My sewing was put on hold for their week. But before they arrived I had made Eleanor,7, a flowergirl's dress for my nephew's upcoming wedding. Everyone who saw it thought it looked too long but it fit her perfectly when she put it on. I was thrilled. I made it out of silk dupioni in white with three tucks on either side of the center front bodice. Down the center I embroidered one of Martha Pullen's IEC embroideries from her christening collection. The bottom has three tucks. I still need to hem it and put on the buttonholes. I am a little nervous about doing the buttonholes for fear of ruining the dress with the last step. I shall be brave and get it done tomorrow. I bought a watermelon bow to go around the waist from David's Wedding shop. It is the bride's color choice for the bridesmaids. Eleanor is so excited to be included in this event. This is her second time being a bridesmaid. Her first was in 2008 at Danny and Susan's wedding. She was only 3 at the time and did a great job. She is 7 now but says she will be so glad to turn 8! Oh to be young again!!