Monday, November 18, 2013

Trifold Card
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Here is the family Christmas card. A little different this year since our family continues to grow. And of course we are all over the country so no big get-togethers to allow for a group photo. Maybe we will do better next year since we have my niece Katie Engel's wedding which will bring all of us together.
     Since this is the most of a Christmas letter there will be, I can only say that 2013 was the year of travel. Many trips to Texas, even one by car. A month long stay in Killeen, TX awaiting the birth of JJ, our newest member of the family. He joined us on June 16th and has been a treasure ever since.
    August found us in Maine with Danny's family followed by a week with Bill's family. Always time for wonderful memories to carry us through the year!
    The end of Oct. was Clara's surgery to help her speak...we believe it was a success. Now to start speech therapy. I am so proud of my little trooper. It was not a fun experience.
    Then the trip to see Cousin John and his wife Gerri as well as their kids, Nikki and Dan and Eric, and grandkids, Jacob, Chris, and Abby. It was a wonderful trip with card games, potato dumplings and lots of smiles. Unfortunately three days after we came home, John passed away. We are so thankful for a wonderful, supportive, loving family. Every moment spent together is a blessing.
    Now we approach the holiday season and we hope you and yours have had a great year and that next year sees your dreams come true. Merry Christmas 2013 and happy New Year 2014!!
            All our love, Bill and Sallie (Daisy Sews)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hope Sew ( eReader Wristlet Tutorial

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Monday, November 21, 2011


I know it has been a long time since I last posted but life has been busy. We celebrated my husband's 40th reunion at the Naval Academy, getting to see our grandkids at the same time. Followed by moving Sallie into her NYC apartment. Quite an adventure! And lastly flying to Texas to see our newlyweds, Jeff and Pan, in their new home and Danny's family in Austin. It was a great visit until I got deathly ill. I returned home to go to bed for 4 days. So that brings us to now...3 days before Thanksgiving. So much sewing to be done...but first I had to reorganize my sewing room (that has been accomplished). And now to plan out the rest of my sewing projects for the holidays. Here is the sweatshirt I designed for my Mother. I had fun putting this together. It includes her children, grands and greats. Quite a legacy! I love you, MOM! You are the Best!!
Here are some other items made in the last few months.This is a vinyl bag that folds up which I made for my daughter. Easy to tote around in your purse.

These are three bibs I made for Danny to wear during the Fall holidays. Cute!

I hope this week is a time to reflect on all we have to be thankful for. I am thankful for the love of my family and mostly the enduring love of my wonderful husband. Thanks for always being there for me. Happy Thanksgiving to All!! Daisy

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baby shower gifts

Wow where has the summer gone! School is almost upon us. I arrived home from Maine to find an invite to a baby shower two days later. I decided to make one of my Martha Pullen "Sewing for Baby" projects. Since this was for a little girl due in a few weeks I chose the rose trellis top and panties. I also made a knit gown in pink. First I will talk about the rose trellis dress.

The rose trellis day suit.
This dress has six rows of tucks on each side of the center and then lace with a rose trellis embroidered on top of it. The lace and trellis also are on the sleeves. The top is bordered with delicate lace on the hem of the skirt and the legs of the bloomers. Ivory buttons give a nice finishing touch to the back of the top. Notice the pink trim on the sleeve and neckline...this is pink batiste that I used to create a pink scalloped piping. This outfit turned out better than I expected it would. It was not one of my favorites when I was at the MP School. but it came together so nicely and has a distinct heirloom appeal. Truly a lovely outfit! I liked it so much I woke up early today to make the same dress but this time as a christening gown. It took me 24 hours to make the original outfit. (Yes, I did sleep.) 

 Pink Knit Gown

This next item is a pink knit gown. I used MP knit fabric which is the softest knit you can find. I embroidered the giraffe and added the sweet trim to the hem and sleeves. Perfect for a new infant...comfy and sweet!

I managed to finish both of these in time for the party. Little Fiona will look lovely in these! Congrats to Roger and Janel!

Now on to finishing some gifts I have started and are way overdue. I must say I love doing projects which are all inclusive. I don't have to search for trims and buttons and such. I am cleaning out my cabinets so I can find things easier. Trying to bag up my little odds and ends. Maybe someday I will be organized. 
Oh well....Happy sewing! Daisy

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sewing in Maine

Hi Everyone from Thomas Pond in Maine- This is our yearly excursion to regain our perspective on everyday events. It takes a week to relax and a week to enjoy. We are staying 3 weeks...a real treat. As I headed out the door I knew I wanted to make my granddaughter a new dress for the start of school. I knew we had a sewing machine here but being unsure of what other things I had I decided to buy a Sew Beautiful kit of the month. I am sew glad I did. I worked all week to finish the dress and it turned out lovely. Not having all the luxuries of home (I have a well supplied sewing room at home) I had to improvise quite a lot. I did not have a piping foot so substituted a zipper foot. with no double needles I had to sew two straight rows very carefully. But I am very proud of having a lovely finished dress. Be sure to notice the Fifi and Fido embroidery. I highly recommend the kits from Sew Beautiful. More later...have to get ready for the grandkids arriving tonight. Happy sewing...Daisy

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


 This is Connie Palmer's Birthday Dress. Knowing my Ginger I figured this would be well received if Tinkerbell were present. Ginger loves Tinkerbell! I believe she will want to wear the slip with the overlay and skip the dress since she is in Texas where it gets quite hot. We shall see.

 Here you see Martha Pullen with me at Sewing for Baby Licensing.
 This is a onesie done with the overskirt. There is a ruffle on the underpanties.
 This is a sunhat. My first finished project at SFB licensing.
 I finished the safari jacket and blanket when I got home in April. It is reversible, made of the softest knit with a giraffe on one side and a lion on the other. One of my favorites.
 This was a darling boy's hat with matching bib and booties. Most of it is done in the hoop.
 This stocking designed by Peggy Dilbone uses piecing, decorative stitches, puffing with a curve, and smocking in the hoop. I made this for Maren Rose, my daughter's good friend's new daughter.
 Another favorite was this bunting. I love the colors!
This was a fun album to make. I will post the photo of my album when I get home. This is the one from the class.
Sorry I have been so slow to post pix but I have been traveling a lot. July should find me home and ready to sew.
Happy Sewing! Daisy

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sewing for Babies

What a wonderful week this has been! Sewing from 830am to 530pm every day. We ate lunch and rushed back to our machines so we could complete our projects. We received 50 projects and while we did not finish everything, I intend to go home and finish the rest. The instruction was great. While I knew how to do most of the things I still went to the demos. It never hurts to have reminders.
The food was delicious and the Holiday Inn did a wonderful job of taking care of us. My room was right around the corner from the sewing room...great positioning!
In the evening there were lectures, trip to Martha's warehouse, special dinner at Martha's home, and, of course, sewing.
Wonderful friends were made! It was fun hearing others dreams, ideas, successes and failures...all to learn from. Now I head to DC to visit my Mom, watch Eleanor as a mushroom in Snow White, play with William and Clara, and then head to Texas the next week. Sewing whenever I can! DaisySews

Pictures will be coming.