Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baby shower gifts

Wow where has the summer gone! School is almost upon us. I arrived home from Maine to find an invite to a baby shower two days later. I decided to make one of my Martha Pullen "Sewing for Baby" projects. Since this was for a little girl due in a few weeks I chose the rose trellis top and panties. I also made a knit gown in pink. First I will talk about the rose trellis dress.

The rose trellis day suit.
This dress has six rows of tucks on each side of the center and then lace with a rose trellis embroidered on top of it. The lace and trellis also are on the sleeves. The top is bordered with delicate lace on the hem of the skirt and the legs of the bloomers. Ivory buttons give a nice finishing touch to the back of the top. Notice the pink trim on the sleeve and neckline...this is pink batiste that I used to create a pink scalloped piping. This outfit turned out better than I expected it would. It was not one of my favorites when I was at the MP School. but it came together so nicely and has a distinct heirloom appeal. Truly a lovely outfit! I liked it so much I woke up early today to make the same dress but this time as a christening gown. It took me 24 hours to make the original outfit. (Yes, I did sleep.) 

 Pink Knit Gown

This next item is a pink knit gown. I used MP knit fabric which is the softest knit you can find. I embroidered the giraffe and added the sweet trim to the hem and sleeves. Perfect for a new infant...comfy and sweet!

I managed to finish both of these in time for the party. Little Fiona will look lovely in these! Congrats to Roger and Janel!

Now on to finishing some gifts I have started and are way overdue. I must say I love doing projects which are all inclusive. I don't have to search for trims and buttons and such. I am cleaning out my cabinets so I can find things easier. Trying to bag up my little odds and ends. Maybe someday I will be organized. 
Oh well....Happy sewing! Daisy