Monday, November 18, 2013

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Here is the family Christmas card. A little different this year since our family continues to grow. And of course we are all over the country so no big get-togethers to allow for a group photo. Maybe we will do better next year since we have my niece Katie Engel's wedding which will bring all of us together.
     Since this is the most of a Christmas letter there will be, I can only say that 2013 was the year of travel. Many trips to Texas, even one by car. A month long stay in Killeen, TX awaiting the birth of JJ, our newest member of the family. He joined us on June 16th and has been a treasure ever since.
    August found us in Maine with Danny's family followed by a week with Bill's family. Always time for wonderful memories to carry us through the year!
    The end of Oct. was Clara's surgery to help her speak...we believe it was a success. Now to start speech therapy. I am so proud of my little trooper. It was not a fun experience.
    Then the trip to see Cousin John and his wife Gerri as well as their kids, Nikki and Dan and Eric, and grandkids, Jacob, Chris, and Abby. It was a wonderful trip with card games, potato dumplings and lots of smiles. Unfortunately three days after we came home, John passed away. We are so thankful for a wonderful, supportive, loving family. Every moment spent together is a blessing.
    Now we approach the holiday season and we hope you and yours have had a great year and that next year sees your dreams come true. Merry Christmas 2013 and happy New Year 2014!!
            All our love, Bill and Sallie (Daisy Sews)

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